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Get exclusive trade ideas from Tony 'The BAT' Battista on this Tuesday / Thursday podcast.

May 30, 2023

I'm Shorting Netflix ($NFLX) With This Options Trade

May 25, 2023

Having had good success this earnings cycle with "post" earnings trades and with volatility staying bid and upside skew in NVDA a wide Iron Condor is the Bats play!


May 23, 2023

May 18, 2023

Contrarians mount up for Bat's bearish defined risk trade! NFLX is up $27 today and almost $50 in the last 24 hours! This broken-winged call butterfly uses only $900 in buying power.


May 16, 2023

Tony looks at two trades today in IWM - an omni directional bullish ratio spread and a classic strangle.