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Get exclusive trade ideas from Tony 'The BAT' Battista on this Tuesday / Thursday podcast.

Mar 30, 2021

Fresh off a week of vacation, Tony is back with THREE, that's right 3 trades today! The first of his trades is a standard $10 wide, delta neutral Iron Condor in COST. His second trade takes advantage of earnings in CHWY today with a ratio spread, and lastly he puts on a pairs trade in the Smalls STIX & SM75 products.


Mar 18, 2021

Tony is looking at the electric car space today for his 2 trade ideas. His first trade is in TSLA as he looks to put on a "put broken wing butterfly" & in his second trade he looks to sell a short naked put in RIDE.

Mar 16, 2021

Tony is looking at a Double Ratio spread in AMC & an Iron Condor in BIDU this Tuesday. Tune in as he talks about Implied Volatility and market entry pricing.

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Mar 11, 2021

Tony's back with an interesting trade idea in RIOT with 8 days to expiration. Tune in to hear about his Broken Wing Butterfly trade.

If you want to learn more about the
Broken Wing Butterfly check out for...

Mar 9, 2021

Only one trade today from Tony in Spotify! With IV rank high in SPOT and no earnings on the horizon, he looks to place a defined risk Iron Condor on even with the wide markets in this stock.

Tune in as he talks more about the bid/ask spread and how to let it come to you. Check out a recent research episode that...